BCTM – An Extension of Your Church

As a pastor or a church leader you are often confronted with the difficult decision of how best to care for the members of your church as pastoral care
and counseling situations arise.

Perhaps you feel the situation is beyond your giftedness or that the demands of your schedule require that your time is spent in other essential areas
of the ministry of your church. The questions soon run through your mind,

  • Is there a trusted and experienced counselor that I know?
  • Who will partner with me in leading them to reconciliation and healing?
  • Who will counsel in the same gospel transformational way that we do ministry at the church?

It is frightening how quickly all of the teaching of the church can sometimes be undone in a matter of a few counseling sessions.  This is one reason
to prioritize having a close working relationship with a counselor who operates as one of your trusted staff, as well as training existing staff members
to counsel well.

Counselors at BCTM seek to walk along side you in the care and shepherding of your flock through theologically sound biblical counseling leading to heart
change and enjoyment of grace. As your church provides monthly support for BCTM:

  • Your church members receive a discount on counseling fees (discount dependent upon level of support)
  • Your church members receive priority in scheduling counseling sessions
  • Your church leaders receive training in biblical counseling (number of sessions dependent upon level of support)
  • You receive a discount on additional church leadership training and/or congregational teaching sessions.
In addition to the above partner relationship, some churches support BCTM and their members by covering all or part of individual counseling session fees.

As our desire is to provide godly counsel to everyone in need regardless of financial situations, BCTM is open to discussing other partnership arrangements.
 If you would like to explore how BCTM can partner with your church, please click here to contact us.  We would
be overjoyed to discuss how we can become partners with you in the gospel of Christ.

With “church partnerships,” BCTM’s desire is not ever to compete with the local church or to only receive referrals, but to be a direct extension of and resource to the local church.

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