What is Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling is the journey where life and Scripture meet. We do not view the Bible as another best selling, self-help book that will bring happiness. Ultimately, God’s Word moves us to a real and vibrant relationship with our Creator through Jesus Christ who points us to holiness. God intends biblical truth to touch and transform every area of our lives. However, everyone struggles through seasons when God’s Word doesn’t seem to speak to them.

Can the Bible really speak to my depression?
Can the Bible help me through anxiety?
Does the love of God actually redeem my marriage?
Does Jesus truly transform my addiction?

We understand that real people struggle with real problems and believe that the Bible speaks to every issue. We also understand that it is in the context of Christian relationship where change takes place. This ministry is founded to provide the careful thought and prayerful wisdom of a biblical counselor to walk with you in your struggles and to help connect life and Scripture in ways that truly make a difference.

Every good biblical counselor is surrounded by wiser biblical counselors, and I am no exception.  I walk with others who are helping me seek guidance from Scripture, while also maintaining the counselee’s anonymity.

– Chase Maxey | BCTM Founder

How We Counsel

Our approach will move beneath the struggles in our lives that cloud our vision and we will seek to understand the heart issues that Christ has already redeemed. Inviting Christ into the counseling relationship will provide deep, lasting change in God’s beloved children.

The most important qualification of our counselors is that they have come to know Christ out of their own experiences of need. They bring the understanding and compassion experienced in their own relationship with Christ into their care for those who come to them for help. Furthermore, our counselors have a minimum of a Master’s level education and training in Biblical Counseling.

This does not mean that you must be a Christian to profit from our counseling, though it is our hope that all who come to BCTM for counseling will take a serious look at the idea of change taking place in the context of a relationship with Christ.

An article that will be helpful in understanding Biblical Counseling more deeply is, “What is Biblical Counseling” by Ed Welch. BCTM is a counseling ministry helping individuals, couples and families on a wide variety of personal, marriage, and family issues. We also train church leaders so that they are equipped to counsel in their local church.

Would you like to meet with a Biblical Counselor?

If you are a first-time counselee, please download our intake form and fill it out. You may email it to connect@bctministries.com or bring it with you to your first appointment. For questions, contact us at 601-709-8254 or email: connect@bctministries.com

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