“Chase Maxey is a true friend and I am very grateful for his words of truth and encouragement that led me to begin living a Christ-centered life. He revealed to me the gift of grace given to me by God and allowed me to see that I was able to give grace to the ones I loved after I began to receive grace. I was on the verge of ruining my marriage and had been living very selfishly. I thank Chase sincerely for all the words of truth wrapped with scripture. His guidance, patience, and encouragement were and continue to be greatly appreciated. The times spent together renewed my faith and the Holy Spirit filled me more and more as we worked through each meeting. I believe that times spent at BCTM with Chase Maxey truly helped me to see clearly the love of Christ which saved my marriage and lead me to start living a Christ-centered life. Thank you!”- Counselee, Home Office

“Chase Maxey and BCTM helped give us a reference point for beginning a marriage. They affirmed our belief that Christ is the foundation of marriage, and that we should always try our best to put Christ before each other in every circumstance.” – Counselee, Home Office


“BCTM has been a huge help to me as someone who has struggled with anxiety and pornography for a number of years. From the very first time we met up in his office, David maintained a very ‘person to person’ as opposed to ‘doctor to patient’ dialogue, and it was obvious that he genuinely cared about me as an individual. The counseling is solidly Gospel-centered, and the discussions across our meetings definitely reflected this. David was also willing to work with my pastor, and because of this, I received support from that end as well. BCTM has been a huge help with guiding and bringing the Gospel to bear on difficult areas of my life, and I recommend them to anyone who needs counseling or guidance.” – Counselee, Shreveport Office


“I was depressed, and I felt trapped. I just couldn’t see a way out of the foxhole. David Elston counseled me with godly questions I couldn’t have imagined to ask myself. It shifted my thinking closer to Christ and away from anger and self-doubt. He used the Bible to point me towards a meaningful path. By God’s power and wisdom, David led me from a broken mind so that I could find healing in Jesus.” – Counselee, Shreveport Office


“The counseling group has always been so helpful and encouraging, and I feel like I got to know people on a much more realistic level. Life is just hard and sometimes we go through seasons of needing more prayer and encouragement.” – Counseling Group Participant, Home Office