BCTM Foundational Beliefs

We are Christ-Centered. Therefore, we point people to Jesus and not a program, as He delivers us from our sins and sufferings. But suffering is very real this side of eternity and we seek to love people well. So we listen and understand the situation and circumstances before applying the gospel to hurting people. People need the Savior, not a system of self-salvation.

We are aware that human behavior is tied to deeper motivational drives, and we empathize with the struggle of living in a fallen world. All human acts come from a worship core, either disordered or rightly ordered.

We know that our triune God is relational, therefore we are called to live and grow in community. The Church is the primary context in which change should happen and we aim to come alongside the Church, not take her place.

We believe the God of Creation teaches us who we are. Therefore, we look to Scripture and find redeeming grace to address the needs and struggles of the human heart. After all, Scripture is sufficient and speaks to every disordered human condition.

We understand human beings are both spiritual and physical beings. A variety of bodily influences impact moral response. We take the whole person seriously, and we must speak well physiologically and theologically in order to know an individual.

We realize there are many influences in a person’s life, such as family dynamics, widespread abuse, various addictions and physical dependencies, behavioral patterns, and health issues. All of these shape a person spiritually and physically. Although these things influence us, they do not determine who we are. Our true identity is found in our union with Christ.

We believe in God’s common grace to all people, and we have gained many helpful tools from the modern world of psychology. We aim to be on the cutting edge of learning while resting in the sufficiency of Scripture.

We witness Jesus Christ enter into our world as a man demonstrating His understanding of our needs in humanity. We realize that no two people are alike, so we carefully enter into each person’s experience, as Christ entered into ours, listening well and expressing thoughtful insight into the individual experience.

We believe that Jesus is our hope and He gives grace in the midst of our afflictions. However, our Savior promises no instant cures, as the process of change takes place in the Holy Spirit’s timing. Further, the Holy Spirit’s work is always to the glory of God and the good of His people.

Our counselors and staff realize our need for Jesus Christ and understand that we continue to grow in grace along with our counselees. Every good biblical counselor surrounds himself with wise counsel and we are no exception.

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